Words Made Manifest

It feels good to get words out on a page. Cathartic; a release. A way to make sense of the swirling, thrashing thoughts in your head that come from everywhere and nowhere all at the same time.

Words are differentiators. They define and describe. They cause and effect. They move mountains and hearts. They are powerful – but they can also be toxic. They can be ‘slings and arrows’ tipped in poison.

Useless garbage. Clutter.

This is the light and dark contrast that I wrestle with when it comes to writing. I hope to create a space where I can express what’s in my heart and mind without muddling things up.

If in the end my words just fill space, at least they serve a small purpose to me. Because once I let them out, I can move on …. in thought and in spirit.

This seems vague, but isn’t everything? I often feel that all of life is vague…we are the ones who choose to make it not so.

About me:

Aspiring human. Relentless thinker. Emotional wanderer. Intuitive grasper. You can read more about the ‘We Are Starlings’ title here.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer but I’ve never made the space for commitment. Here it is now.

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