Seeing stones and sills go by I see these things and start to cry So many notes are gone and missed I reach to feel them, shores to kiss I greet You and I rise up tall I want to search the Garden’s sprawl To wander freely, touch what’s true To love as greatly as …

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In ‘Recognition’ of Happiness

Why do we need to apply conditions to our perceived state of happiness? Can you be happy always, anytime? I was confronted with these thoughts recently, and finally saw them for what they were: illusion breakers. Undoubtedly, the first time I saw a quote or meme that stated something along the lines of “Happiness is …

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Words are always following me. They hang above, trailing me wherever I go. Constantly composing, re-forming, re-stating. Once I have a moment of peace or silence, they flood me like the deluge…. An onslaught of compositions, essays, poetry, and random statements. I am used to this constant internal narrative. It’s been there for me all …

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Breaking bread in utmost haste Singing soldiers, making paste Sought amongst the gravel ruins Partial maladies seek cocoons. Casting nets both wide and vast Reeling in the fishes fast Cranking, beating, Flesh and bone I can’t see past the hues and tone. Fast forward through The muck and dew, Slowing down now, Breathe. Anew.

Dance of Emergence

Laughter heart Singing songs Where have you been I’ve waited so long. Spinning down A web so fine Chewing morsels So divine. Treading lightly Swallowing so Leaping to where We want to go. Pausing only To reemerge Then further down We must submerge Contemplation Brings its wings Contraptions set Amongst the things. Silly, sordid, solid …

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Seeing seething, seeping wounds Bandaged more than their cocoons. Breathtaking, worldly, in delight Something broken, fangs in spite. Carrying burdens with their back Cracking barrels, stumbling track. Ambitions high amidst the air Spinning yarns, caressing care. Eyes want truth in light and thought Hands wrought iron, sow and sought. Be with the mystery, comforting space …

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