A Day in the Life

February 16th, 2016 The alarm rings, and I slowly convince myself to get out of bed. It’s later than expected, so I hurry out of the house, skipping breakfast. Daughter and husband are still asleep. I rush up the sidewalk as fast as I can towards the bus stop. I see the top of the …

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Tending to the Gardens of Mind

Do we need an “evil” figure in our lives in order to recognize the good? Do we need to unite against an “enemy” in order to rally to peace? I’m feeling these questions acutely right now, especially given current events in the ongoing election. What is happening to us? Is this some sick social experiment …

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Breathing, misty, Into light Yearning for much more, Despite. Be here now, Walk the line Never straying Down the spine. Follow footsteps That you know They are there before you, In the snow. Do not question Your own heart For that was there Before the start.


Breaking bread in utmost haste Singing soldiers, making paste Sought amongst the gravel ruins Partial maladies seek cocoons. Casting nets both wide and vast Reeling in the fishes fast Cranking, beating, Flesh and bone I can’t see past the hues and tone. Fast forward through The muck and dew, Slowing down now, Breathe. Anew.