Searching sails In the night I branch out towards This tiny light It seems so small It might implode And maybe if I reach its node The knowledge of The world itself Will bless us with A timeless breath A sigh so strange We can’t foresee This breath is real This breath is me.

“You Exist Because You are Loved”

“You exist because you are loved.” These words popped into my head after work one day, out of the blue. I remember right where it happened: I was starting the first leg of my pedestrian commute, walking block one out of eight. Headphones on, music loudly playing. And right as I was passing a giant, …

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Adam & Eve (& the Self)

The biblical story of Adam and Eve has always troubled me. It is a story, a teaching, with many pieces that have always felt incongruous in my heart. Maybe I am wasting my time, but lately I have been trying to reconcile myself with it after realizing that there might be some intellectual and psychological …

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In Search of the Forest and the Trees

My professional background is interior architecture. I’ve worked in the professional design community for almost 10 years now. Surprisingly, part of me loathes it… but an equal portion is enthralled. An oscillating love/hate relationship. But the design instinct is ingrained and natural and I will never get rid of it. Design and architecture in general is quite …

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The Embrace of “Detachment”

I’ve been ruminating lately on the concept of ‘detachment.’ In the past, I’ve taken issue with this esoteric mandate that one needs to detach oneself from oneself and all worldly things and loved ones, as this is the only way to be enlightened. Or to see God. Or to ‘ascend’ or ‘transcend’ reality. Or the …

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What is “Enlightenment?”

What does it mean to be enlightened? My husband and I were arguing about it the other day. Okay - after writing that down and looking at that statement again, I laughed to myself out loud. What an absolute JOY to be arguing about enlightenment! Of all the trivial things we could be discussing, we …

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Erratic thoughts come from divine Yet I do not think they're mine. Down the road I drive, and down, Feeling something Yet I drown. Farther, farther yet - and still, I cannot process thoughts that spill. Out and around me, dripping drops The descent is longer - then it stops. Pulling, pushing, fates collide Unsure …

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Ribbons dusted, Rise anew Portents, portals, Nails that grew. Searching, intuit Thoughts and stares Running fingers, Stinging glares. Walk the footsteps, One by one See the grains of Salt & Sun. I see in you The ocean blue Let's dive into The One we knew.