Sci-Fi Therapy

Admission: I lurk around the internets too much, and do too little.  Why the blog slowdown? No writings to post?  A lot of stuff happened in the past few years – and of course, 2020 happened and I’m still dealing with it deeply, although it may appear surface-wise that I am doing great.  Between having …

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The Graces – Part II

8 Anava had never interacted with another entity or another person in dreamtime, besides the spoken guidance of Rana or her teachers. Until now, she had not interacted with another consciousness here. Or at least an interaction that included eye contact. She instinctively replayed her inner directives to herself: Stay confidant. Stay strong. Stay here. …

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Searching sails In the night I branch out towards This tiny light It seems so small It might implode And maybe if I reach its node The knowledge of The world itself Will bless us with A timeless breath A sigh so strange We can’t foresee This breath is real This breath is me.


“I’ve been here before,” she whispered under her breath. She stepped through the rocks and moss and cushiony undergrowth carefully. The trees were gallant and tall. Birds chirped from far away and sunlight glittered through canopy cracks, trickling down to reach the dead leaves and rotting trees below. Familiar and foreign, the landscape seemed to …

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