Desirous Delusions

A moonsong Sprung to life Driftless worries Love and strife Unleaded potential Awakens just there Flaying out justice Choking out prayer Seeded but lost Unbound from the world One foot on another Two weeds to be twirled Venomous longing Cataclysms ring If you can’t take the bite Don’t yearn for the sting.


Searching sails In the night I branch out towards This tiny light It seems so small It might implode And maybe if I reach its node The knowledge of The world itself Will bless us with A timeless breath A sigh so strange We can’t foresee This breath is real This breath is me.


Who are you? Who am I? A swelling, cataclysmic ride Pulsating, gyrating Bend and contract Pushing and pulling Ever more in abstract Who do we resemble? Who are we now? From the pale moon shadows, Bleeding the cow I can’t even fathom The perfect One here But I am just covered And smothered by smear.