No worry, no fear

The Mother post I wrote a few weeks ago has struck a chord in me about creation and catalysts. It occurred to me that in those moments that I previously described that seemed so full of clarity, there was more going on than just standard decision-making… these decisions were devoid of fear. In those moments, there was absolutely no fear, no worry – only certainty. There was only faith and wisdom and knowing.

I just read a very great passage in a book talking about the difference of fear, worry, love and kindness. It said that in worry and fear, we accomplish nothing. In love and in kindness, ALL things are accomplished.

So what things in my life are still holding me back, what fears are holding me hostage? What things do I need to let go in order to live freer, more untethered, more infinite than I have been before?

I am certain that this is what caused these important moments to impress upon my soul and lead me forward. Because when I think back on them and recall them from my memory I can only remember the intuition and firm ‘knowingness’ of the moment; Of joy, and love, and that feeling of infinite possibilities. Infinite love. Oh, what a feeling.

This is the feeling I want most in my life, and in order to have it I need to let go. No fear, no worry. Strength in my wisdom, confidence in my person, and love in the creator, who allows this to be.

The more tangible things I fear that give me anxiety – not having money, living in debt, financial crisis – seem like small mountains compared to other things I could be worried about. But you know what? All of these things are surmountable. They are mortal problems to be solved. Why are they holding me back so much??

Such are the things that sit around in my mind, hanging on until I get them out into words and living, breathing concepts. I hope they plant a seed and grow oh-so-much bigger.

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